Marianne Roetzel
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Marianne Roetzel materializes in our space the figures from her innerscape. You might say "hey, that's my hand, I've seen that bird" but it isn't and you haven't. They are something we didn't understand before and will need time to understand now that she's shown us. Using thin plaster, wire of metal, paperwater and at least her hands and mind, Roetzel brings into view stunning creations presenting answers to the simple and questions of our times. Her assembled armies are formidable but standing alone, they are looking for something. The people wait, like we all do everyday all day. Hands and feet and heads, disembodied from the rest, seem cast aside more than placed as an exhibition. And her vertical and seated figures recall a troubled history of contest, conflict and strife. All, in person, also have with them answers. I hope you enjoy and wonder at these amazing things. Her sent piece has quickly become on of the most powerfully moving works I've ever received.