Khara Oxier
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Khara Oxier creates paintings that are easy to run from, easier to turn away than stand there and take it. Even fleeing, the art gets closer. The paintings hold some of our tales, show some of our secrets and still they leave a little room for the rest. These works memorialize the mystery of the human condition, combining the act with the vision. Viewing the art in person quickly reveals a recording of the physical actions that make them, the scrapingly abrasive assault on the surface and hurried, hidden attempt to put it all together again with string and thread, spit and blood.


What would you do if a monster turned out the lights and they never came back on?

The Boise Co-op Art Gallery says its a place for people to gather and eat food, talk and look at art. They asked Oxier to exhibit and a week later, asked her to remove the work. I think they asked her to remove the work because they are the new deciders of tasteful environments. I can only hope that monster turns out their lights real soon and keeps it that way. My opinion and my words.