The Raw Artist Michel Keck
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Living with Michel Keck’s work becomes like sharing time with a friend, uncovering in small steps and across colorful boundaries that which draws one to another. Her art unfolds with the short glance of rushed time, the contemplation after a hard day and the shifting realities of twilight.
I have been rewarded with the gift of color and grace many times over the last ten years and have been lucky to have the ability to pick and choose that which hangs here in the Ioema collection. Few creations rival the pure power, active style and personal impact of a Michel Keck work.

Michel Keck's art appears to be created by Nature Herself, a glimpse into the unusual world that exists right as creation happens. Other pieces are clearly inspired by faith and hope in the beliefs that push her through life. And then there are portraits, views of herself and others within that show the filtered color of her world. I've tried to look at her art dispassionately, attempting to find the technique of her craft. What I discover over and over is an amazing ability to transfer to canvas that which exists in her thoughts. That is her technique, the clear and complete desire to express fully herself in her work. The Raw Artist Michel Keck is extraordinary, an alien amongst the natives.