Stephen Judges
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Update: In 2017, I talked with Judges, asking him for the first time what the hell the paintings were about. I don't usually know and almost never ask, preferring to leave the art still in its creation. Clearly, though, some works after time and study need the help of the artist to get the viewer one step closer to that which they can't see themselves. At first, Judges was a little quiet then began to find his words. He said that when asleep he sees this world, this place he gets to when stepping from eyes open to eyes shut. It is not a place of imagination; rather, the world is an unusual combination of color, figures, calm and wonder that Judges inhabits only as his mind exhausts the bonds of being awake. He worries that his works don't accurately show what he experiences there and wonders whether he will ever get them right or ever stop. For now, he hasn't described what they actually represent or what the paintings mean to us. But its a start, for him and all who look and see.

After ten years of creating works in the shadows of a workman's life, Stephen Judges now picks up the paint can as an artist. We are lucky he found us; we'll watch this progression from the inside, see his fantastic look at things as he sees them. From the mysteriously fashioned stories in his high-rise door cities to the tar baby figures dancing the circus of life, Judges stares at the future through a colorful eye, a swirling mind and a craftsman's touch. Escaping to an inner self, Judges shares with us the visionary landscapes he finds there.....innerscapism. Continuing the new era of this site, I am humbled by his place here. Stephen Judges continues his stomp through an inner world of amazing colors, distended form and social living. An inner landscape of colorfully shaped life lives alongside the reality of Stephen Judges' workday. Casting off the brick, mortar and hard angles of a craftsman's yoke he pulls us along close to his innerscapism. For almost seven years (it's 02/2018) I've watched these paintings from the bottom up show more and more of an unknown vista.