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Ian Pyper manages his will to draw by creating a modern chronicle of ancient vision. Whether mixed with watercolor on fine paper or married to words on a paperback page, Pyper's drawings continue to draw us alongside his unquenchable urge to show others a way back.

Ian Pyper creates drawings; he induces visions. Pyper uses marker, watercolor and paper, like a caveman used burnt wood, spit and a hard rock wall, to show us clearly what he sees.

Click top left, mid body and bottom right to see detail.
Click top left, face and bottom left to see detail.

Ian Pyper creates drawings; he induces visions. Pyper shows his ability to merge the physical with the visual. If you take your time and look at these latest 2006 drawings, look into them, you will sense an elusive movement somewhere in your experience. It's a little hard to describe and impossible to leave behind.

Collectors statement...I have eight of Pyper's drawings. Living with them, seeing them everyday on the wall, something happens. I begin to see the drawings in highway lines, in the sky at night. Pyper's artwork requires its own explanation because he says very little , reveals almost nothing of his thinking. Mostly, I suspect, because the drawings sort of come over him, arrive at the end of his hand maybe complete. The drawings of Ian Pyper...some in ink, marker or watercolors, metallic ink on paper, plain and colored.  So that's the technical specs...the rest is up to you and him.

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Holding the Spirit

Little Dead#2

Totem Man#1

Little Birdmen

Mask...cover illustration for

A Kind of Birth 1997


Map of Innocence 1997

Mouth Face 1997

In The Chair 1997

Influenza 2000

A Tattoo Inside 2001