Ben Hotchkiss
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Ben Hotchkiss sees a world adrift in his eyes and fixes it to the planes we see using color and demarcation lines to allow us into the picture. Clearly, seeing this work from outside, I am shocked at the teeming populace, like New York City from the air the first time or the hairy growth in that cup at the back of the Frigidaire. Hotchkiss' creations below are mostly made on board of the usual sizes. In an artworld scheme of vacant ten-foot canvasses gawked at by cow led hordes, these artist board pieces show a masters touch to us all. Creating in us concrete reminiscence from the abstract, Ben Hotchkiss bounds through.

Reggae Peninsula
Technicolor Tuningforks
Springtime for Nurons
Sedimental Journey
Cords of Consciousness
Skyscrapper Rainbow
 Crimson Cascade
Spatial Triad
View from the top of the Beanstalk
The Heart of the Matter
Opposites Attract
Steppes of Nirvanah
Tangerine Dream
Binary Fission
Points of Interest