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Harry Teague endured a heart attack last Sunday January 29, 2006 and passed from this life.
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Up there is Harry, sitting at his art table, doing his art. His story starts with a stroke, stumbles through heart attacks and really begins right there at that art table.  
At 46, Harry's body floated through a big stroke that left his right side paralyzed and his reading and talking gone to somewhere else. At 51, having watched every tv show made, his lifetime partner Diannia drug him to a paint store. While there, they encountered the help of strangers and returned home with the tools of an art form Harry knew little about. But almost immediately, he sat at his art table and covered his art board with colors and figures and pictures of what he saw, how he felt and where he had been.
Down there is Harry's art, part of the over one thousand paintings Harry has done since that day in the paint store. Harry works his color magic almost exclusively with paints on regular mat board, using the entire surface, running his dreams to the end. 
With Diannia, Harry has an advocate for his life, a protector of his art and a lover of the man he used to be, the man he has become and the artist hidden away for all those years.
Up there is Harry at his art table...down there is Harry's art...somewhere in the middle lie the rest of us.

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A little bit of info
Harry lives in Georgia and works his art usually with acrylic paint on regular mat board. He likes the size 30"x19" and runs most of his illustrations all the way to the end of the board. Prices for Harry's work start at around $350. Harry's work changes hands much higher in galleries and at exhibition. His largest sale came when the House of Blues in Atlanta acquired 200 of Harry's paintings for an exhibition during the '96 Summer Olympics. 
Harry has created over a thousand paintings and has exhibited at Folk Fest in Atlanta, with Disney's Folk Art Festival in Orlando, at the House of Blues Folk Art Festival and more. Harry also supports the recognition of artists with disabilities, exhibiting at Transcendence and the 1999 North American Stroke Meeting Exhibition. Among other awards, Harry has attained Best of Show status in 1998, 2000 and 2001 at the Georgia Artists With Disabilities, Inc exhibition in Atlanta.
We think Harry Teague art will significantly increase in price as collectors discover the imagination and style he has discovered in himself.
You can contact Harry and Diannia here.