Stephen Haigh
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The few works directly below are some of the latest from Stephen Haigh. They are generally large works on canvas with paint sprayed and rolled and brushed across the plane. Expressive depictions of the artist's attempt to fix a mark, these works continue Haigh's march.

Stephen Haigh creates these paintings, ending up with less illustration of something and more visual representation of an experience. Or even more accurately, the works record the aftermath of experience, like the fluid-induced wet concrete of an interstate after a car wreck or a muddy Oklahoma State Fairgrounds midway once the rain moves off to Arkansas. Haigh’s art arrives in an uneasiness that never really dissipates, colorful fog over a shotgun wedding. Mixing the artists hand with the vandal’s slash, Haigh easily shares an unfolding expansive landscape of formed color coaxed to life by the viewer’s attention. These are not works to smile and walk by or match to a swath of fabric; the triumphs and fears of our mysterious lives are in there somewhere.