William Thomas Thompson


Art in the Midst of The Rage

William Thompson creates from the vision he has been blessed with. If the word of right is to be spread, Thompson thinks it will be through him and others, caught in the blink of an eye in the vision. His art creates its way through what he calls "The Rage", not of anger but of rapture and fury and belief. The rage he stands in the midst of pushes the brush, the paint and Thompson with it. Art in the Midst of The Rage. We will try to present the art of William Thompson in the reverence and honor in which it was created. From simple 2x3 paintings to the elaborate 300 foot long Revelation, Thompson's art calls for an understanding only brought about from viewing and contemplation.
Thompson Online
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William Thomas Thompson has completed his vision of the six days of Creation and seventh day of rest for the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM). The painting has been delivered to AVAM  and is mounted on permanent exhibit in the Barn at AVAM , spreading its wings across 100 feet. We have chronicled the progress Mr. Thompson made as he battled canvas, color and time to express his visual take on the Creation as told in Genesis. Click to see complete view

The amazing lengths of canvas were special ordered for this commission. Two pieces 16 feet by 50 feet and one piece 18'x20'.

A preliminary study for the Seventh Day, day of rest panel that will occupy the middle section in a circular arrangement highlighting the physical characteristic of the Barn structure.

Mr. Thompson at work on the actual middle panel, Seventh Day.

Another shot.

Day One

Day One
Final Thompson-"This is day one on the main canvas 12x16 foot and it has changed from the prototype. the Hebrew is printed and laminated on under the English. I am just now in the middle of painting it and have not gotten the light flowing down God onto earth yet. the huge light star is the burst of light reflecting from God since God was the light on the earth before he made the sun and the moon."

Day Two

Day Three Thompson- "He called the dry land earth and the waters seas. below about 3 ft by 16ft wide i have painted grass and fruit trees not clearly shown in this photo. the room is 90 degrees all day and is getting to me. photo by travis donley i have never been so deep into creation before"

Day Four unfinished preview

Day Five

Day Six
I have ‘The Family’ painted on day 6 with two elephants, two horses and two cows, with monkeys in the tree.  For some reason I sudd-enly lack the courage to continue.   At least 50 things have blocked my way but I will overcome all the obstacles Satan has put in my way.  This is the largest art project I have ever ventured into and like other major projects I have undertaken in my life, there are times when it seems impossible to finish.  I still must paint sheep and lambs, lions, dogs, tigers, giraffes and guerillas, rabbits and squirrels, billy goats and nanny goats, and turtles.  I must paint foxes and possums and all of God's creation.  The magic size of 12 x 16 feet for each day of the 7 days of creation was God sent, I could not have done it any smaller.  I must rest and meditate until the inspiration occurs to continue to paint this marvelous scene where God created the animals and God created Adam. I must not forget cats and bears, elk and deer. Neither must I even forget the pigs. Even ants in the ground serve an important propose put there by God to renew the soil. From the beginning of this mega painting of the 7 days of creation covering about 1800 square feet, I have felt the hand of God on me to do it in a way to please God.  I am continually reminded that he is in charge He is the artist, I must obey His will to paint this origination of life with all love and care.

Day Seven

Click here to see Revelation
Completed in 1995, Revelation stretches 300 feet and is seven feet tall. The artwork breaks down into six sections for travel, each of which is its own massive 50' wide x 7' tall canvas, rolled for travel. The Vision Thompson illustrates is his own quiet amidst The Rage. We have pieced the artwork together from multiple photos and apologize for the time it takes to load but, believe me, it is worth the wait.

The South Carolina State Museum Painting William Thomas Thompson was commissioned to paint a vision for the South Carolina State Museum in 2003. The canvas is 36 feet wide and 12 feet tall. Thompson paints in an upper story ballroom of his home with the canvas folded in half.